Our Rates & Standards

  • Standard hourly rates apply to work that is scheduled to be completed during normal business hours.
  • A twenty five percent premium applies to all work performed outside of normal business hours.
  • Chargeable time starts when we arrive at your worksite and ends when we have completed our work and cleanup.
  • The first hour premium charge is the minimum charge and provides for the time and cost involved in getting to your work.
  • Time required to purchase your materials is charged at the same rate.
  • Material costs are passed through with no upcharge.
  • Normal excess materials will be left or removed at your choice.
  • Materials not used which may be returned will not be added to your bill and will be returned on our time not charged to you.
  • Small debris will be removed, however the removal of demolition materials is a separate issue to be negotiated before your project is started.
First hour: $70.00
Each additional hour: $40.00
For each additional technician: $40.00 per hour
For each additional helper: $30.00 per hour
Overtime premium 25% for work scheduled outside of normal business hours. Please check our home page for normal business hours.