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Established in 1995, Miller’s Handyman Service is owned by James M. Miller and provides a wide range of household repair and remodeling services. We can correct electrical or plumbing problems, repair drywall, paint a room, install new doors or moldings, or completely remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or basement. We can install new flooring including laminate, ceramic vinyl or carpet, or hardwood. Our focus is helping you achieve the projects of your dreams. Whether your remodeling project requires complete kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, or basement remodeling our attention to detail starting in the planning process and continuing through the project assures that you receive everything you hoped for. Quality first for results that last. It sounds like a slogan but it is more than that. We are often called to correct damage that is a result of concealed problems. When any problem comes to light in the course of our work we advise you and suggest corrective measures. Taking short cuts to cover up these issues will simply allow the problem resurface later. We practice integrity in every phase of our job so that you receive a project that is beautiful and durable.

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miller's handyman service redecoration repair remodel carpentry electrical plumbing stow ohio
miller's handyman service redecoration repair remodel carpentry electrical plumbing stow ohio

The Handyman

Graduated in 1978 from Kent State University with a B.S. in Industrial Arts Education. Since 1995 I have completed nearly a thousand small and large projects. I am very hands on with all the projects I take on. This means the person who planned your project is on site to ensure the plans are being achieved. Prior experience includes all repair and home remodeling within my own homes since 1979. Although I do a large portion of the work myself, I have several partners with special skills along with a small pool of proven laborers I can call on as needed.

License: Summit County, Ohio          Registration #: CBB120011

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Why our clients trust us

I have used the services of Jim Miller Handyman Services on several occasions in which time he has provided me with excellent workmanship. Mr. Miller has remodeled several rooms in my house from floor to ceiling and the results are beautiful. I still notice how nice everything looks almost a year after the work was finished. Mr. Miller even showed me some things I wasn’t aware of and made several recommendations. He pointed out two different styles of moldings in my living room. Removing the old and inappropriate moldings made a huge difference and it really gave the job clean lines you wouldn’t see otherwise. Along with several other suggestions he made, the resale value and overall appeal of the home have significantly increased. Every visitor to my home comments on how beautiful my house looks and many point out they did not get as striking results using contractors from the big box stores. I would highly recommend Jim Miller Handyman Services.
Robert Balas
Jim Miller has been completing home repair and improvement projects for us since 1997. I used a few other handyman companies before I called Jim to complete some drywall repair in our first Hudson home. He did such a good job that I had him come back and complete a whole list of repairs. Since then Jim has completed numerous projects for us (plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting, wallpaper, and carpentry to name a few) in the two homes we have lived in and he is the first person I call when we have any home repair or improvement need. Jim is reliable and trustworthy. Not only do I trust him to do the job right, I am completely comfortable leaving Jim to complete repairs while we are away at work. I would sincerely recommend Jim Miller for all your home improvement needs
Debbie Rogan
I am thrilled to recommend Miller’s Handyman Service, after having them finish our basement recently. Jim and his team were professional, courteous, and did great work. The quality of Jim’s results exceeded my expectations throughout the project.From the design phase through finishing touches, Jim managed the whole process and kept us on track, both in terms of time and budget. He stayed true to his pricing, and delivered exceptional quality – Kelly and I would happily recommend him for even the biggest handyman jobs!
Alan Pendergrass
I hired Jim Miller several years ago to do various projects at our home. My initial criteria included promptness, quality work, and excellent communication. Having been through several other people, it was important to me that Jim meets these criteria. Jim has exceeded my expectations in all of these areas and we continue to employ his services on a regular basis. I now have a ‘Jim’ list of items I prefer not to do or have time to do, or do not have the expertise to do. Jim has handled small projects such as replacing a bathroom faucet or door weather stripping to as complex as remodeling a bathroom or re-bracing a sagging roof. He is a craftsman through and through, intelligent and knowledgeable. I trust him to have complete access and keys to our home. He is courteous and thoughtful and always accommodating. He works around our schedule whenever he can, and always keeps to his commitments. He operates by the highest of standards personally and professionally. Jim comes with my highest of recommendations, and I would be more than pleased to speak with you personally regarding Jim’s work and our experiences.
Tim French