Spring projects to recover from Winter and prepare for Summer

First things first: Maintenance and repairs. Winter may have revealed some issues that warrant correction. Take a look around outside: Loose or overflowing gutters? Loose or missing shingles? Loose or missing siding or trim. Rotted wood. Rotted rusted doors or windows. Windows not working properly or poorly sealed. Dirty or damaged siding or paint. Loose or damaged caulk. These issues, left unattended, often worsen over time and cause additional damage that can be avoided. The old saying, “A stitch in time saves nine,” holds true in household maintenance. Look for evidence that problems are starting and you can prevent further damage along with additional costs.

Anticipating summer parties? Obviously you will want to make the exterior of your home and yard look nice and be comfortable; but you may want to consider the inside of your home also as most summer parties have guests using facilities inside as well as outside. Now is a great time to get that basement finishing project started so the party that was planned to be an outdoor event can move to the basement in case the weather requires it. It is also a great time to start a kitchen remodel so that you are ready to support the dining needs of your guests in style.

In short: Staying ahead of the maintenance and upgrade needs of your home will keep your house more comfortable, beautiful, functional and valuable.

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