Winter Decor Updates

Here we are just a week into a winter that is expected to be colder than most of our recent past winters; so I hope you have taken care of insulation and infiltration issues.

Assuming that’s all up to date, lets talk about my favorite subject: No it not me! It’s decorating. I love helping you update and beautify your home. If your décor is becoming warn and dated, winter is a good time to make the upgrades you have been putting off. Why winter? Well first of all it’s a good time to be doing inside work – do you really want to be stuck painting inside in the summer? Another reason is so that you can enjoy the new fruit of your effort while the weather is still making the inside environment more enjoyable than the outside. I can speak from personal experience on this. I just refinished my basement last year and have been very happily hosting little get togethers. It is soooo much easier to share my home when it is attractive.

New flooring has been a hot subject for many of my customers. Floating floors have become very common. The competition among manufacturers of these products gives you a huge selection to choose from and has kept the prices quite reasonable. You now have the original plastic laminate type of floating floors with patterns that are nearly impossible to differentiate from wood along with engineered wood flooring that can be installed as floating floor systems and prefinished solid flooring. Each type has its advantages and one will be better in one application while another is more appropriate in another situation. Some factors to consider include type of traffic, compatibility with the value of the home itself, and expectations for replacement or refinishing of the new flooring years down the road.

If new kitchen cabinets are being considered there are many high quality manufactures of ready to assemble cabinets. Most of them provide free samples of doors they offer. Check them out online. There is at least one local warehouse distributor of RTA cabinets that I have visited. They have a reasonable selection to see in their warehouse; but for the most part you place an order and receive it in about two to three weeks. The cabinet materials and construction techniques appear quite durable plus they do the assembly as part of their warranty requirements.

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